Building An Audience That Can Sell You To Sponsors

by Jan 27, 2019

Finding great sponsors can be an uphill battle for many sports professionals, but with a solid social media following backing you up, it becomes much easier.

If people have chosen to follow you on social media, that shows they care what you have to say, which is what sponsors are really looking for.

But, while a large following is great, it’s not everything. You need to make sure that your audience is engaging with your personal brand on social media, not scrolling past your posts. This is the kind of audience that can sell you to sponsors.

An Engaged Audience

Brands are no longer looking at how many followers a personality has online. Instead, they’re looking at the kind of engagement rate their posts are achieving.

Put simply, engagement rate is all about how many of the people that see your posts are actually engaging with them through liking, commenting, or sharing.

If your engagement rate is low, it means that your content is not appealing to your audience enough to make them stop scrolling and hit that like button, or leave a comment telling you how much they enjoyed it. This spells trouble for sponsors. They choose to work with you in the hopes that you will help to promote and ultimately sell their product.

So, if your followers aren’t engaged, odds are they won’t listen to your opinions on the sponsor’s product either.

How to Engage Your Audience

So, how do you encourage your audience to engage with your posts? If you’ve already got a good level of engagement, then check out our article on the best ways to engage with your audience for advice on how to increase it even more.

If you’re still struggling to get over this first hurdle though, we have some tips for you.

Tell them what to do

When you’re crafting your posts for social media, if you’re not telling your followers exactly what you want them to do with your post, how will they know?

It may seem trivial, but including phrases such as “Tag someone who loves race days”, or “Comment below with your game day ritual”, will see your engagement rate rise more than you might expect.

Giving clear instruction like this helps your followers to interact as they know exactly what you want them to do.

Run a Competition

You don’t need to give something away to run a social media competition.

An easy way to use this tactic is to post an action shot and ask followers to “Caption this”.

You’re encouraging them to post something amusing about the picture, and they’ll be more likely to share it with their friends as they all have a go at creating a fun caption. Or, you can ask your followers to vote for your new profile picture by uploading a selection of images and asking them to vote in the comments.

Tactics like this help to increase engagement with very little cost or effort on your part.

Run a Livestream

Both Facebook and Instagram have the option of going live, and this can be a great way to speak with your followers on a more personal level.

You can post about it in the lead-up, asking people to comment if they’re coming. You can also ask for your followers to post questions for you to answer during the stream.

This way, you are upping your engagement rate on the post, giving followers a reason to tune in to the live, and building a relationship that should result in more regular engagement.

Just remember that your followers love engaging with accounts they follow if they feel like their voice is being heard. Value your following, and the engagement will soon start to rise.

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