Building Relationships to Gain New Sponsors

by Dec 26, 2018

The most beneficial sponsorship deals are ones that are built on a strong relationship of trust and transparency.

Building those relationships will take time, effort, creativity and positive exposure. 

As a motorsport professional, your main focus is obviously on competing to the very best of your ability.

The reason you’ll be successful long-term is as a result of your on-track performances, however, in order to pursue that passion in a professional capacity, you need sponsors that will support your ambition.

We’d like like to offer some tips to help you build relationships that will deliver sponsorship deals to generate positive benefits for all parties.

Don’t Be Shy

Businesses and corporations have never become wealthy through timidity. They understand that selling requires direct and extensive communication.

When asking for sponsorship deals you need to be confident. You are selling yourself as a fantastic advertisement for their business and, regardless of how successful you are on the track, that will rely on how you convey yourself as a person.

Presenting Yourself Needs to Happen on Many Levels

Our modern society is inundated with opportunities for exposure on every level.

Inviting potential sponsors to your events as guests of honor will allow you to showcase your talents on the track. However, that’s not always possible. Your social media exposure will become vitally important for building relationships of trust with potential sponsors.

Developing an impressive presence on social media has become as competitive as actually winning races so if you’re not versed in its nuances then consulting those who are can certainly help to build the right relationships.

Ask us about our motorsport media packages for examples of how we can help with this.

Be Creative

Businesses and corporations value innovation as highly as anything else.

If you can communicate your ideas in a fresh and interesting way, then it will help you to stand out and grab some positive attention.

Companies will receive letters, emails and DMs all the time from sports teams and individuals seeking sponsorship. Sending a personalized video or arranging a meeting in person could make all the difference.

Be Knowledgeable 

This will require you, or someone you employ, to do a lot of research. You will need to know exactly how popular your motorsport is and which types of people watch it.

This will help a company to analyze the marketing benefits of gaining exposure to these audiences by sponsoring you. You will also need to do your research on those you’re hoping to gain sponsorship from.

There’s no point in building a positive relationship with a company that would never benefit from sponsoring you. 

For example, if your motorsport is largely spectated by single men then there’s little use in courting a company that focuses on selling products to families.

Think Long Term

Ultimately, you have to be determined and never get disheartened by rejection.

Building relationships is a long process and just because a company is not willing to sponsor you on your first request does not mean the door has been permanently closed.

Remain gracious at all times and believe in your ability to excel within your motorsport. As you become more successful, interest in you will also grow.

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