Cody Burcher on his transition from karting and his first national level race win

by Sep 16, 2019

Cody Burcher chats about his transition from karting to Formula Ford and where he’d like his motorsport career to go in the future.

In this episode of The InSyde Line, Rhys Vandersyde talks to Cody to get his perspective as a young driver having just stepped up to national level motorsport, his achievements to date and his first national-level race win in Formula Ford. We also delve into where Cody would like to see his career go and what he’s doing behind the scenes to give himself the best shot at a career in motorsport.

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The key takeaways from this episode, Cody shares:

  • Progression through the karting ranks, both state and national level. 
  • Stepping up to Formula Ford and using state level racing to learn before jumping up to national level competition
  • His ambitions for the future
  • And the things he’s working on to help give himself the best shot at a career in motorsport

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