How Do I Give Back To My Sponsors?

by Sep 24, 2017

Sponsors are great, aren’t they? However, they are extremely hard to find and even harder to keep.

So what can you do to show your appreciation for your sponsors? Well, you need to give something back to them. Here’s what you can do to give back to your sponsors.

It doesn’t matter if your sponsor is a family friend or a major corporation. A little sign of appreciation for their support of you goes a long, long way to creating an ongoing relationship. We don’t need to tell you that personal relationships are everything in sponsorship.

So what can you do to show your sponsors your appreciation?


Gifts are the simplest, easiest and often cheapest way to show your appreciation of sponsors.

Gifts can be as simple as a framed photo (that hopefully, you’ve organised through us!) or some signed and framed mechanise (ie. team uniforms). However, if you can make the gift more personalised it’ll really make for a special momento.

Our motorsport customers often include used brake pads or race-worn gloves as part of their framed photos as gifts, while others use damaged bonnets, bumper bars and other equipment after difficult race weekends for their gifts.

These are items that you’d normally just replace anyway, but if you hang onto them, you can use them to create something special and unique to give back to your sponsors.

This can also be transferred to other sports by using any sort of match-used equipment.

Not only is it something that shows your sponsor your appreciation for their investment, but it’s also something they can put on display to showcase their sponsorship and help build your profile.


It’s not always possible, but some sports offer the opportunity for unique experiences.

If you can offer your sponsors the opportunity to get involved in what you do and create a special and memorable experience, you’ll be first in mind when sponsorship renewals come up.

Our motorsport customers often use ride days to stick their sponsors into the passenger seat to allow them to experience first hand the thrill of what they do.

However, that’s not always possible, so some of the others often run karting events to allow their sponsors to compete against each other and showcase their skills in a fun and entertaining environment.

This is also something that can be transferred across to other sports, either by running special coaching sessions or less competitive/social events that allow you to showcase your skill but also are great fun for your sponsors.

Networking Opportunities

Host an end-of-season party to allow your sponsors to mingle and interact with each other. If you’ve got a great group of sponsors it’s the perfect way to allow them to network and form ongoing business relationships.

Facilitating new business relationships is a great way to make sure your sponsors continue to have a budget to keep up their support of you. Its also something that could lead to new sponsorship opportunities. Anything you can do to help support and grow your sponsors’ businesses will go a long way to making sure they can continue, and even increase their support of you.

So what do you think? Picked up few tips on ways you can give back to your sponsors? Get in touch if you’d like to find out more, or to discuss ways we can help you and your sponsors.

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