Jayden Ojeda on the opportunities presented by winning the Formula 4 title

by Aug 26, 2019

2018 Formula 4 Champion, Jayden Ojeda, shares his story of the opportunities that came out of winning that title and what he’s looking to achieve in his motorsport career.

In this episode of The InSyde Line, Rhys talks to Jayden about winning the Formula 4 title and the opportunities that were included as part of that prize pool. We also chat about his ambitions future and some of the factors lead to him stepping up to the Super3 series Michael Anderson’s privateer Super3 team.

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Jayden shares his story on his motorsport career so far, and some of the things he’s done to put himself in the best position possible to achieve his ambitions.

The key takeaways from this episode:

  • Look at everything as an opportunity and create positive connections.
  • Surrounding yourself with smart people and continue to build relationships.
  • Going with what feels right for you, following your gut instincts.
  • “If your at a race track, you’re probably going to meet someone important.”
  • Make yourself stand out.

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