Lachlan Gibbons talks about racing in the Toyota 86 Racing Series plus much more

by Oct 8, 2019

Lachlan Gibbons talks about racing in the Toyota 86 Racing Series, driver coaching and running his own Formula Ford team in the NSW State Championship series.

In this episode of The InSyde Line, Rhys Vandersyde talks to Toyota 86 Series racer Lachlan Gibbons about his personal ambitions for his motorsport career and enjoying motorsport long term. As well as delving into some of the things he’s doing from a driver coaching and engineering point of view to help young drivers start their own careers.

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The key takeaways from this episode, Lachlan shares:

  • Using different categories to learn different aspects of racing
  • Working as a driver coach both for manufacturer drive events and with young drivers
  • And what he’s doing to set himself up both personally and professionally to give himself the best opportunity to be involved and enjoy his motorsport long term.

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