Photo Gallery: Race Tasmania – Baskerville Raceway – 2021

by Feb 7, 2021

Well isn’t Baskerville just a little hidden gem of a race track!

For the second of the Race Tasmania events, we got visit Baskerville Raceway for the first time. It’s very rare that we get to go somewhere new that’s not a street circuit these days. Let alone that somewhere new being the oldest continuously operating permanent circuit in Australia. So this event was a bit special.

As I mentioned in my Symmons Plains post, I’ve really got to thank the crew at Garry Rogers Motorsport and Australian Racing Group for pulling off the two Race Tasmania events. Such a great way to get the year started, and fantastic legitimate reason to spend two weeks in Tasmania and see a couple of the sites along the way.

Baskerville is a proper old school race track and looks like a lot of fun to drive, and our customers definitely confirmed that. It sure made for some cracking photos as well.

I would love to see more national-level motorsport events there so we can get more opportunities to photograph there, but I can definitely see why that might be an issue for the venue as well. With these historic tracks its a balance between keeping them up to date with the latest safety standards and taking away from their original charm. But it’s great to see the venue still in use today, unlike places like Catalina Park that have been lost to the elements or worse yet turned into housing estates like Oran Park.

It’s a really cool little circuit, here’s a couple of my favourites from Baskerville Raceway for the second of the Race Tasmania events.

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