In previous years, when there has been a scheduling conflict, we’ve had to choose between events. This year with the expansion of the business we were able to have crews at both Sandown for the Shannons Nationals and Symmons Plains for the Supercars, covering both events.

While it’s not exactly ideal having two major motorsport events on at the same time, the business is now at a point were we draw upon additional resources to make sure we can cover our customers, no matter which events they choose to compete in. That said, the two events at Symmons Plains and Sandown was the first proper test that expansion.

From our customers prospective, the feedback was all positive. Behind the scenes however, there were a couple of lessons that we learned. Things we can implement better and more efficiently at the next scheduling conflict between the Shannons Nationals and the Virgin Australia Supercars.

Funnily enough both events had very similar weather, even though there was almost 600 kilometers between them. Thursday was unseasonably warm at two venues. Then the rain set in making for challenging conditions for our photographers.

Even though teams at both events, we’ll focus this posts photo gallery on a collection of Rhys Vandersyde’s favourite photo’s from the opening round of the Shannons Nationals at Sandown Raceway. You can find plenty more in the current issue of Auto Action magazine.

Get in touch to if you’d like to know more about our Motorsport Media services. Our next major motorsport event will be Round 4 of the Virgin Australia Supercars in Perth in a couple of weeks.

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