Photo Gallery: Supercars – Sandown – 2021

by Mar 28, 2021

As with all things 2020 and now 2021, flexibility is key. So while Sandown wasn’t the original plan for the second round of the Repco Supercars Championship. It sure made for a convenient backup plan.

After the Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix was postponed until later in the year due to international travel restrictions, Supercars simply slotted Sandown into its place on the schedule. On the back of the rescheduled Shannons Motorsport Australian Championship round at Phillip Island, it made for a convenient doubleheader in Melbourne.

The tight two day schedules that Supercars are pushing forward with this year, at least for the sprint rounds at the start of the year, sure make things interesting from a photography point of view. The intensity of the programs must be great for fans and TV audiences, but it sure does make it a challenge to get images out to customers in a timely fashion without making too many sacrifices.

That coupled with the limited access we had at Sandown due to health regulations in place at the event, sure made things interesting. We weren’t allowed into any of the spectator areas which took away a couple of key quickly accessible photography points around the circuit. So it took a little bit of extra forward-thinking to really maximise the weekend.

Challenges aside, it was a good action-packed weekend, with some fantastic racing across all the categories. Nothing better than watching (and capturing) some good high-quality intense racing without too much carnage.

Here’s a small sampling of my photos from the Repco Supercars Championship at Sandown International Raceway. As always, please don’t hesitate to get in touch to discuss photo package options or any other ways we can help you with media and sponsorship for this motorsport season.

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