We recently had the chance to work with another magnificent car, completing an editorial photoshoot as well as some video work with the new Audi R8 Spyder in Sydney.

It was only a short half-day shoot, however, we managed to achieve quite a lot in a variety of locations around the outskirts of Sydney. We worked with another media company to capture a variety of video for an upcoming production. But we’ll have more details about that down the track.

We also completed a full photoshoot of the car. Our first planned location didn’t work out as planned, some construction work ruled that one out, so we quickly found a suitable alternative nearby that would look good but not distract too much from the car. Although, the bright yellow paint job probably would have helped make the Audi stand out anywhere.

The weather was a bit fickle for the shoot, so we shot a mix of photos. Some purely based on natural light, and others using artificial light to really make the car pop out from the background. That way we could give the customer a good selection so they could choose how they wanted the car presented in the final product.

With the photo component of that project now complete. Here are a couple of Rhys’s favourites from the shoot.

Get in touch if you’d like to know more about our Photography and Video Production services. We’ve got a few more jobs in the Automotive sector lined up, but we could always use a few more.

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