We’ve been working with The Redline on a new project, the details of that will be revealed soon, however the most recent car in their stable was the Audi RS3 which they asked us to complete a quick editorial photo shoot of in Sydney.

This job was again supposed to be both video and photography, much like our recent Audi R8 Spyder shoot. However, due to a scheduling conflict with us being at Bathurst and some of the parties involved having other jobs booked in. We let them take care of the video component, while we focused on the editorial photo shoot separately with a quick photography session near Botany Bay, just south of the Sydney.

The car itself is not nearly as extreme as the Audi R8 we last photographed, but the Audi RS3 was a fantastic car in its own right. It’s definitely a lot more subtle, but it’s no slouch either. We always like the challenge of working with a variety of cars and manufacturers, to come up with something new and unique that really showcases the best features of these different cars.

Unfortunately, a couple of things didn’t go in our favour with this particular photo shoot. We were limited to a time window in the middle of the day, which really isn’t the ideal time to photograph a car. It’s also very hard to mix artificial lighting with natural light on a white car like this one. That said, we produced some high quality editorial style photographs from the shoot to showcase the best aspects of the car. We look forward to continuing to work with The Redline for the duration of this project.

Here are a couple of Rhys’s favourite shots from the shoot with the Audi RS3.

Get in touch to if you’d like to know more about our Photography and Video Production services. We’ve got a few more jobs in the Automotive sector lined up, but we could always use a few more.

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