Photo Shoot: Honda Civic Type-R

by Aug 29, 2018

We’ve been fortunate to work with The Redline with some amazing cars, so when Peter phoned and said “I’ve got a Honda Civic I need you to photograph” we weren’t really quite sure why…

As it turned out, we weren’t there to shoot a regular Honda Civic. The car Peter had just happened to be the performance Type-R model and all of a sudden it made sense why this just might be a car that The Redline would review.

When it comes to automotive photography shooting a car, particularly a white one, in the harsh midday sun really isn’t ideal. Actually, that applies to all photography… But that’s a lesson for another time. For this particularly shoot the primary and secondary locations that we had planned to do the shoot weren’t accessible due to construction work and a recent bushfire.

Unfortunately, that left us to scramble a little and revert to a location we’d shot before and hope for some favourable shadows. Turned out it wasn’t so we made do to get the job done and tried to use the harsh shadows to our favour and showcase the intricacies of the hot-hatches design.

Here’s a small selection of our shots from the shoot. You can check out The Redline’s full review on the Honda Civic Type-R here.

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