It was a pleasure to be asked to work with Team D-Max/EMG Precision Driving to capture the launch of their new Isuzu D-Max Utes.

After months of work behind the scenes, the famous Team D-Max precision driving team made the public debut of their new Isuzu D-Max Utes at the Penrith Regional Show before heading down to South Australia for the Royal Adelaide Show.

The team asked us to come down to Penrith Showgrounds after the show photograph the new look cars, their drivers, and create a fantastic selection of images so they could update their promotional material for upcoming shows.

Initially we were only given a small window of opportunity, and a really ambitious shot list to complete. Luckily, what started off as a couple of hour job, turned into a full day job giving us enough time to work through the majority of the shot list.

We kicked off the morning with driver portraits, and couple of static shots, before taking to the track and photographing the action of the variety of stunts that the team perform during their shows. Creating fantastic images and capturing angles that just wouldn’t be possible except under these controlled conditions.

It made for a good fun photo shoot, we’re really looking forward to seeing how the team use our photos to promote their upcoming shows in the future.

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