Photo Shoot: Jaguar F-Type

by Dec 10, 2018

We had the privilege of working with Peter at The Redline once again, but this time to photograph the Jaguar F-Type.

With this shoot, we had the chance be a little more creative and took advantage of the late afternoon sun as it started to set over Sydney’s Botany Bay to really make the colour and the features of the Jaguar pop.

It was one of those photo shoots that really allowed us to showcase what we are capable of on the automotive sector. We had a little more control over the conditions, location and the schedule of the shoot than some of our previous automotive shoots and you can see that in the end result.

Big thanks do go out to Peter and The Redline crew for firstly allowing us the flexibility to capture the car at the best possible time. Something not always possible with the manufacturer press cars. Also allowing us to work with them again, it’s always great to work with them on these little projects.

Here’s a couple of our favourite shots from our shoot with the Jaguar F-Type.

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