A few weeks ago Carsguide called us up to help them out with a photoshoot of the new 2017 Lamborghini Aventador S.

It’s always good to diversify and work with a variety of media outlets. Also, the opportunity to get up close with the Lamborghini Aventador S was too good to pass up. With that article now published, we’ve got a chance to tell the behind the scenes story about the shoot. – Carsguide’s Lamborghini Aventador S Review.

Automotive photography is a little different is to our typical motorsport photography work. Instead of capturing images to tell the story of a race or event. We look to capture images that help highlight the different features of a particular car.

That said, there are a few aspects we bring to our automotive photoshoots from the motorsport world. We obviously capture all the detailed photos as well as a variety of stationary angles to showcase the best of what the car has to offer. The other thing we like to do in automotive shoots is to take the car out on the road and showcase it in action, in its natural habitat.

With this particular shoot, we had the opportunity to do that on a closed road, giving us greater freedom to capture a variety of angles in controlled conditions.

Here we’ve put together a small sampling of our photos from the shoot with the Lamborghini Aventador S. You can find plenty more over at the Carsguide article.

Get in touch if you’d like to know more about our Photography and Video Production services. We’ve completed several jobs in the Automotive sector recently. Once they’ve been published we’ll share those as well.

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