Photo Shoot: Lotus Elise Sprint 220

by May 8, 2018

Recently The Redline commisioned us to help them out with both Photography and Video of the Lotus Elise Sprint 220.

We’ve got a great relationship with Peter and the crew at The Redline, and it’s always fantastic to be invited back to help them out with photography and video of some of the fantastic cars they get to review.

This job was no different, the Lotus Elise has always been one of those interesting cars, so the opportunity to capture it in action was simply fantastic.

Our primary task of the day was to capture the still images for the review, including action shots, statics and detail shots of both the interior and exterior. However, we also had the opportunity to contribute to capturing the video as well, particular some of the action shots.

Here’s a sampling of some of our favourite photos from the shoot and the completed video, which we contributed to. Check out the full review over on The Redline’s website.

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