A couple of months ago we were called in for complete a photo shoot with this Nissan GTR for a motoring publication.

Unfortunately, we had an extremely short window to complete the job, only a couple of hours, and the weather wasn’t in our favour.

After consulting with the journalist, we pushed through and completed the photo shoot to give our customer the best quality images given the circumstances. They were extremely happy with what we delivered, particularly given the conditions.

However to showcase the Nissan GTR in the best light, as part of their article, they ultimately had to resort to some Nissan’s PR shots, leaving these photos that we produced unpublished.

That said it’s something we can use to showcase our skills in getting the job done with on location automotive photo shoots, no matter the situation.

We also get the chance to share those photos on our website, to showcase a couple of our favourite photos from the Nissan GTR shoot.

Get in touch to if you’d like to know more about our Photography and Video Production services. We’ve completed several jobs in the Automotive sector recently. Once they’ve been published we’ll share those as well.

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